Experience your wellness on self-drive

Wellsum uses Artificial Intelligence and your Physiological information to learn about your wellness needs and delivers them without requiring any new hardware

Whether its Sleep, Mindfulness, Fitness, or Habits; Wellsum is here to help you with all that and more!

Tried all those Sleep, Meditation, & Wellness apps but couldn't feel any better?

Wellsum is the one app you always knew you needed but couldn't find

Our data-driven algorithms leverage the technology to its full potential to keep track of how well you are doing and serve you with just what you need to enhance your everyday wellness experience

Here's an example

Experience Truly Guided Meditations

enabled with real-time bio-feedback

While other meditation apps just play an audio recording; Wellsum provides you with personalized instructions to help you achieve your goals

So if you need more time to calm your anxiety, Wellsum monitors your heart rate (HR) and guides you through your breathing to help you lower it down

(Audio based feature, text only for illustration)

But that's just a (tiny) example

We know heart rate isn't always relevant and some metrics don't vary instantly or meaningfully enough

Wellsum's development is guided as much as by possibilities as by limitations

Works with devices you already own

No need for any new expensive hardware because Wellsum is designed to work with your existing smart wearable devices, sleep, and fitness trackers

No need to worry about all those Graphs, Numbers, and Scores

Wellsum shifts the burden of making sense and use of all your health data to our algorithms

We dig deep to find what actually matters and can help you so you don't have to

Built with both expert insights and user experiences in mind

With years of experience developing complex algorithms for health and wellness, our founder has worked with renowned institutions and published in top scientific journals. Wellsum is based on his own experiences (frustrations) as a user and insights as an expert.

Personalized, Interactive, & Effective

Wellsum isn't built to work just for a few but adapts specifically for you!

Read more here on our insights and mission on why we are building Wellsum

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